Venture Management

Active monitoring of the business climate in Ghana from the perspective of a local knowledgeable partner.

Business Development

Reliance views its clients as partners and is as committed to the venture and business relationship as its partners. Confidentiality is guaranteed, ethics are advocated and
fiduciary agreements are always upheld.

Investment Management

We provide solutions in accordance with our partners’ definition of commercial welfare- this can range from profitability, revenue generation, reliability of distribution channels to the bottom line.

Reliance Trust is a privately owned consultancy firm that develops and executes ventures on behalf of clients and as a venture participant. Our clientele includes both Ghanaian businesses and foreign companies with an interest in Ghana.

Venture Management

Origination and development of business ventures in Ghana

Business Development

Documentation drafting, authorisation from Public sector agencies and partner sourcing

Investment Management

Sourcing the right investments for clients and channeling capital to wealth creation, asset growth and appropriate infrastructural projects.

Reliance Trust is a consultancy firm that encompasses advisory and venture execution services.

We view our clients as partners and assist clients from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors in commercial ventures. We assist in all phases of business development; including market entry, local authorisation and partner sourcing. 

We monitor all venture activity and act as active representatives of our clients and enforcers of agreed mandates. Our main intention for our partners is to ensure market presence, risk mitigation and businesses viability.

We offer a tailored approach to match our various client profiles and work in partnership to ensure completion of every critical stage of development. Our deal life-cycle ranges from short term to long-term. We invoke commitment, sustainability and momentum from all venture parties.

We have positioned ourselves as active originators and intermediaries of commercial ventures between foreign and local partners.

We are committed to:

Identifying commercial opportunities that match the risk and reward appetite of our partners

Matching investment requirements to projected revenue streams

Ensuring due diligence that leads to business sustainability

Fully utilising our business network to foster growth